6 Pack - Reusable Face Masks for Children

6 Pack - Reusable Face Masks for Children

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Help reduce the spread of germs and infection.

Use TheraCalm™ face masks to help keep your children safe and minimize the spread of germs and infection.

Our reusable masks are an environmentally respectful alternative.

TheraCalm™ face masks comfortably hug facial contours.  Curves over the nose to stay in place and under the chin to provide maximum coverage.  

TheraCalm™ face masks are made with tightly woven cotton fabric. They can be thrown into a washing machine and dryer. Wash in hot water with or without bleach.  

Technical Information:

  • Latex Free
  • Made from 100% Cotton fabric
  • Double layer of fabric.
  • Elastic ear loops
  • Cleanable in a washing machine
  • Safe to wash with bleach

 Wash your mask in hot water and tumble dry before wearing the first time:

  • Our face masks are made from 100% cotton and will shrink after washing / drying. We allow for that when we make them.

Wash your mask frequently

  • We encourage people to wash their masks frequently.  This is in line with public health advice.
  • Our masks are designed to be wash in hot water using laundry detergent and a little bleach.  This is the best way to kill any germs/bacteria/virus.
  • A good tip is to take a few masks with you when you head out for the day.  If the mask becomes damp or dirty during the day, put it in a plastic bag and put on a fresh mask.
  • Remember to wash your hands after removing the used mask and before putting on the fresh mask.
  • When you arrive home, tip the used masks into the washing machine.  Wash in hot water with detergent and bleach.  Then wash your hands.

These are the recommended guidelines to help keep us safe.